About Me and this Website

My name is Mr. Matt Curless, and I've been a high school art teacher in Cincinnati since 1995. I've always had a bit of a 'travel bug', so when I got the chance to start teaching AP Art History in 2006, it was a perfect fit. I'm also much of a computer geek, so my classroom Powerpoints were always pretty darn good.


A while back, I had quite a large number of people wanting copies of my Art History Powerpoint slides. At the same time, I noticed that the eating appetites of my three children at home began to surpass that of my teacher's salary, so I was obligated to begin selling them for a cheap price. (The Powerpoints, not my children.) Since then, I've met dozens (if not hundreds) of wonderful teachers from around the country, and it has felt great to give guidance (and an ear when necessary) to those just starting out teaching AP Art History.

Make no mistake: I was pretty overwhelmed my first year of APAH. I found myself spending an average of 3-4 hours each night making Powerpoints, tests, and lectures. As the years have progressed, I'm constantly tweaking these Powerpoints. THIS year has been the biggest challenge yet, as the APAH test have been completely revamped! It's hard to imagine not teaching some of the artists and pieces that I have for years, but it also keeps me in check with my knowledge of African, Asian, MesoAmerican, and Pacific art.


Upcoming Projects

I just finished my second APAH test prep book, and now I'm focused on the branding of Ohio's newest (and third largest) high school - West Clermont! This school, and the kids in it, are amazing. I love my job. :-)