Do you think you know your Art History? Try this!

This is a rather nifty game I made several years back when the 'Millionaire' show was popular. It was a great way to keep my students on their toes with art history! You're welcome to play this game on my page here, but if you'd like to purchase it for use on your SmartBoard or computer, it's only $7 and available here.

Even better, if you would like to use the basics of this game to create your OWN database of questions and answers, I designed that too! Click here to purchase it for less than 9 dollars!

Other creative classroom creations you'll crave.

When I realized that the 'Millionaire' game was a hit, I began to make other games that were suitable for a classroom environment - especially with a SmartBoard! Here's a beautiful one that allows you to play THREE players (or two against the computer)... It's a classroom Jeopardy-like game show where you can enter your own questions and answers (if you purchase the game, of course!)
Click on the images below to see a better view:

classroom game show classroom game show classroom game show

Want to get it for a cheap price? Click here!