Over 2,000 slides of Art History awesomeness.

Contrary to a lot of the freebie slides that many teachers post online, the Powerpoints in this collection are very informative. They usually contain more information than just the title and artist of the work! Whether you're a teacher or a student, you'll find these Powerpoints MORE than helpful for the AP Art History exam! (The yellow stars indicate that this specific piece will be on the new APAH test.)
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Prehistoric Powerpoint
Mannerism Powerpoint
Indigenous Americas Powerpoint
Impressionism Powerpoint

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"I really have to thank you for all of your amazing work in opening my eyes in addition to my students' eyes to the world of Art throughout the ages. I don't know what I would have done if it werent for you!! Thanks again for everything!"

Darren Singer, Long Island City HS
Queens, NY


"Matt, you have been a wonderful resource for Art History information. I ran across your website my first year teaching APAH. I was struggling to keep up with the material, and I contacted you to pick your brain. You have been so generous and willing to share your information (as you said, "For about the price of dinner out!"). I have used those slides ever since, modified them as I needed and still am thankful for your willingness to help other educators. Thanks, Matt!"

Katie Nolan, Clayton Valley Charter HS
Concord, CA

"A million thank yous!!!  You've been a life-saver with in-depth and informative, AP Art History PowerPoints and videos, and are worth every single penny!  You are a wonderful teacher with a very high APAH exam pass rate.  I am extremely thankful because you saved me countless hours of TIME...the greatest gift to a teacher!  I tell teachers all the time, 'Don’t hesitate….this is money well spent and it will make your life a lot easier.'  =)" 

Firouzei Flordelis, Moreno Valley HS
Moreno Valley , CA